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Crime History Inc. is currently producing a play called "The Poison Garden/Three Acts of Racial Terrorism" which is based on real life stories of three high profile cases that occurred in South Florida in the 1930's. 


Most of its contents is taken directly from court documents and transcripts. The play will transport the audience to South Florida during the so-called "Dirty Thirties".

The Poison Garden is written and produced by Evellyn Santos and Chris Mancini, a former Federal Prosecutor in the Miami United States Attorney's Office and now a Civil Rights Attorney.

Only one ticket per email address for the free performances - you can get more than one using other emails.

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Rubin stacey justice Initiative


The Rubin Stacey Justice Initiative is focused on bringing awareness to the on-going issues of racism in law enforcement and will initiate and provide support to legal and political efforts to overturn Florida's Stop WOKE ACT which will ban discussion of acts of racial violence from the state's public schools and business because it makes people "uncomfortable"

The Stop WOKE law will cause a loss to the public knowledge of our true history among South Florida's students and those who want to protect our 1st Amendment rights of free speech and equal protection. 


When the sawgrass blooms in South Florida so does racism, gambling, prostitution, and public corruption.

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Crime History

Here at Crime History Inc., our mission is to tell the untold stories that have shaped South Florida. From celebrity homes, historical destinations, gangsters, to mysteries, we tell you the truly twisted history of South Florida. From shady business deals, to gun-slinging mob bosses, corrupt politicians and rogue drug dealers, South Florida has had its share of dubious deadbeats.

Our purpose is to be an educational resource on South Florida’s law enforcement, crime, forensic history, and support education related exhibits and programming. At Crime History Inc., you will learn about South Florida’s history starting from the murder of Native American tribes by Spanish Conquistadors up to the gun violence of present day.  Crime History Inc. is a a 501(c)3, non profit.