Chris Mancini – President / Executive Producer / Subject Matter Expert - Email:

Chris is a criminal defense attorney with 41 years of extensive federal and state trial and grand jury practice in Miami, Palm Beach, Orlando and other courts across the nation. Born and raised in Rochester, New York and later to earn his degree in Law in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Chris Mancini arrived in Miami, Florida on assignment to the U.S. Attorney’s Office during the infamous period of the “Mariel Boat Lift”, when tens of thousands of Cubans fled their country to seek a new life in the Miami area. As a U.S. prosecutor, Chris soon discovered that some of the most violent and dangerous men and women were allowed to arrive during the boatlift. By 1986, he held the post of Deputy Chief of the Major Crimes Division, U.S. Attorney for the Miami office for the U.S. Department of Justice.

In the late 1990s Chris began gathering original artefacts and materials about the history of crime in Miami and especially corruption within the Miami Police Department. He interviewed past and present police officers and those most deeply involved in the investigation. Using what he had gathered, Chris designed and led a “murder, mystery and mayhem tour” every three to four months for members of the Miami-Dade Historical Society and that led to his deep understanding of the organization and effects of the extensive history of crime in South Florida.

Mr. Mancini is the author of two books, Pirates in Blue: The True Story of the Miami River Cops and Deliberate Indifference. The content for each episode is based on Chris’s original research. From Crime To Crime grew out of 41 years of experience in the federal and state courts. His resume is attached.
Yetcel Jimenez - Vice President / Researcher -
Yetcel Jimenez is a recent graduate of the University of South Florida, having obtained her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Policy. She is passionate about theater, history, education, and research. She is the Vice President of Crime Tours, LLC as well as the non-profit, Crime History, Inc. and coordinates the ins and outs of each. Familiar with marketing tactics, Photoshop, social media, and webpages, she produces promotional content for both entities. As such, she creates and publishes social media and web content promoting the show. PowerPoint presentations are created by her and are approved by Mr. Mancini. Together with Chris Mancini and Evellyn Santos, she assists in researching supporting material for each episode, develops ideas, and communicates with WLRN producer.

Evellyn Santos - Secretary / Researcher -
Evellyn Santos was born and raised in Sao Paulo/Brazil, graduated in Hotel Administration, and moved to the U.S. in 1998. She lived in New York for 10 years where she performed several times with live bands for world peace. She is a member of a non-profit organization, Brazilian Voices, a female vocal ensemble group that promotes cultural exchange in local communities. She coordinated the opening of the Crime Museum and researches material for both the Crime Museum and our various production projects. Together with the President of Crime History Inc., she helps to select interesting crime related stories that had a historical effect on society.

Michael Anderson - Media Director -
Michael Anderson is a highly experienced creative and technical professional with over 18 years of experience in digital media, production, post-production and Broadcast Production. His technical expertise ranges from project management, producing, directing and editing. His work ranges from feature films, commercials, live events, historical documentaries, web series and reality TV. He has worked closely with companies such as Super Group International, Discovery Channel, Accord Productions, Cineworks Digital Studios, as well as WLRN Public Media. He has a great understanding of deadlines and working under pressure. His latest projects include the Emmy nominated “The Secret Weapon That Won World War II” produced for WLRN Public Media which is currently in distribution to PBS stations nationwide and the short film “Midway Home” which received a Producers Guild of America award. He is a member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Suncoast Chapter.

Mia Laurenzo - Producer - Email:
Mia Laurenzo is a 33-year veteran of public television in Miami. Currently she is a writer, producer and on-air host. She produces and creates promotional content daily for the web, radio and social media. Her television experiences include producing for a series, special events and historical documentaries. Her most recent project was "South Florida: from Crime to Crime", a series of short films that showcase Florida’s unique true crime history. Before that, she co-produced the Emmy award winning short film about an unsolved murder called, "Who Killed Leno and Louise". Some of her nationally distributed documentaries are, "Journey to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade", "Weird Florida: Roads Less Traveled", and "Weird Florida: On the Road", where the cast and crew travel over 1,500 miles searching the Sunshine State’s weirdest and wackiest places. Her first Emmy award-winning documentary was "Out of Darkness, Into Light" that delves into the lives of three adult survivors of child sexual abuse. Currently, this show is also in national distribution and has over 900,000 views on YouTube. She is the recipient of three Suncoast Emmy Awards. Her most recent in 2018 was for the short film "Inside the Mind of A Comic Creator". She is a member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Suncoast Chapter.
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